A Cat is Contrary and That is That!

Buy an expensive bed, and they'll sleep on the plastic it was wrapped in. They'll yoowl to get fed, then take one sniff at their bowl and staalk away. There's no doubt that cats are contrary but that's a big part of their charm.

What is it about cats that makes them so enchanting?

They are infuriatingly smug, elegantly arrogant, graceful always but often ungracious. A creature breathtaking in its physical perfection and gob-smacking in its unapologetic selfishness.

Why is it that a cat can leap so effortlessly to the highest shelf, tiptoe nimbly round all the awful holiday souvenirs before patting off your favorite mug off to smash to smithereens  on the floor. 


Incredulous cat eyeing toy

Oh, wow! A fluffy ball. 

One Word from You and They Do What They Like

What is it they are looking at when they perch on the back of the sofa, gently swaying from side to side, eyes fixed at a non-existent spot on the wall?

Give a pregnant cat a warm, comfortable secret cubbyhole in which to have her kits – she’ll decide to have them in your bed.

Buy her a cat perch, fuzzy-lined with a cat-nip scratching post, she’ll choose to lie in your linen cupboard and scratch your new sofa instead.

Feel like a cuddle – best way to get one is pretend you don’t! One moment a picture of peace on your lap, then an outburst of claws in an unexpected cat attack.

Want to avoid cat hairs on your business suit – that kitty will be all over you.

Cats have been revered as Gods, reviled as the devil’s familiars, heralded for their hunting prowess, hounded for being unlucky and sought after for being lucky …

Dogs have been domesticated for about 20,000 years, cats only 5,000. What were they waiting for? Did we have to reach a reasonable level of civilization and comfort before they decided to grace us with their company?

For all their contrariness (and often undeserved) reputation for aloofness, you can be sure that a cat, be she moggy or show queen, will bring you joy with her playful antics, vibrate your soul with her contented purring, bestow a feeling of serenity when she is at rest and grace your household with her beauty.

Of course, she might also horrify you with gory presents and rip your new sofa to shreds but would you have a cat be any other way?