Crazy cat lady since 1969

Currently owned by 3 rescue cats

The old lady of our crew, Lili was a tiny thing when my partner brought her home. Boxer Skye adopted her immediately and the two became inseparable. Skye, who never had puppies even let this little mite suckle on her. At the end of Skye’s life, Lili was her constant companion.


Mac came to me as a grubby, grey kitten. She’d been found under a car. The cat rescue had spayed her and then asked if I would foster her for a few days to get over the surgery. Then they would release her back where she had been found. Eh … yeah. As if that was ever going to happen.

Sadly Mackenzie died of a heart attack when she was still young.


A friend who regularly fostered kittens for a local cat charity asked me if I would like another cat.  I did not at the time but … meet Spike. He was hand fed by Sam since he was about two weeks old and knows nothing about cat etiquette. He is naughty and destructive but I love him to pieces.


Currently, the baby of our family, my daughter came home with this little scrap. I tried in vain to rehome him at the time but the longer he stayed the less likely it became that we would ever let him go. He is a total softie and now, of course, a permanent and much loved member of the crew


My Cat Tale

People talk about being a cat person or a dog person.  I am both. I have had dogs for 30  years but I have been around cats all my life.

One of my first memories was of the kittens our cat Judith had – in my bed. There were three of them. A ginger tom that went to a local family called Cassidy. They named him Butch (what else!). A little silver female that sadly did not make it and a scruffy little calico waif that was to become Judith number two.

 Over the years, I have shared my life with many feline friends. You’ll see their mug shots in the little rogues’ gallery and in lots of places around the site.  Not that all the cats on the site have been mine. I am not that good a photographer.  You’ll likely know mine by the poor lighting and wonky shots.

Many of the articles on the site are written by yours truly but I am not a vet, so I have reached out to a veterinarian freelance writer to provide me with support on medical related posts.

I also welcome input from experienced cat lovers and for new cat and kitten owners, questions on their care are very welcome. If I do not have an answer immediately I will be happy to work on getting the answers you need within a week or so. 

“I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.”
James Herriot

Why Build a Basket of Cats?

There is something about the cross-species emotional bond between a cat and their human that touches me deeply. This site is dedicated to the cats that I have been privileged to share my life with and those I am yet to meet.  If anything within the site helps you understand your cat or brings a smile of recognition to your face, then that makes me and my feline friends, very happy.